Elon Musk offered assistance in saving stuck in school caves in Thai caves

The entrepreneur came up with several options for salvation: for example, to drill a tunnel through his The Boring Company.

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The Twitter user, under the pseudonym MabzMagz, turned to Elon Musk asking if he could help save the schoolchildren and their football coach who were stuck in the flooded caves in Thailand. After that, the businessman offered several ideas, including dig a tunnel to the teenagers the strength of his company The Boring Company.

“Hello, if this is possible, can you help get 12 Thai boys and their coach from the cave?”

The entrepreneur also proposed to put a nylon pipe into the cave (nylon does not let water pass) and inflate it from the inside as an “inflatable lock” to create an underwater tunnel.

Musk noted that if rescuers need better pumps or lack of electricity, then he is ready to provide Tesla Powerpack charged batteries and equipment. As a result, the businessman decided that it would not be possible to solve all the problems remotely, and promised to send to Thailand engineers SpaceX and The Boring Company.

A representative of The Boring Company told the BBC that the company is already discussing possible options for assistance with the Thai government.

As soon as we confirm that we can be useful, by sending something or doing something, we will do it. We get feedback and recommendations from people on the spot to find the best option to help rescuers.

representatives of The Boring Company

12 schoolchildren and coach were stuck in Thai caves on June 23, due to the fact that the exits flooded with heavy rainfall. The group lasted 9 days without food, it was discovered on July 2. Later it was found out that schoolchildren will not be able to save in the near future: some of them do not know how to swim and no one has been trained in long diving.

The situation is also complicated by the difficult situation under the water, because of which even professional divers can hardly reach teenagers and a coach to give them medicines. On July 6, a former member of the detachment of Thai “Seals” was killed . He fainted under the water when he delivered a regular oxygen tank to the students.

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