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American family restaurant gives visitors books

For tens of years of work, millions of volumes were distributed.

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The Traveler restaurant in Connecticut opened in 1970, and even then offered visitors not only food, but also free books. They belonged to the owner of the institution, who collected too large a library, and at some point decided to make room in his house.

In 1993, the owners changed, but they decided not to cancel the tradition. Now they give up to two thousand books a week, sometimes up to three volumes in one hand. Since then, as they engaged in this business, the visitors of the institution got about 2.5 million books.

New revenue comes from different sources – most often library sales, but some of the books are brought by customers. According to restaurant managers, this happens almost every day.


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On our way to #pinewoods. Breakfast at the Traveler Restaurant. Books AND food. A yearly tradition. #tradition #travelerrestaurant #pinewoods #cdss @cdssorg @pinewoodscamp

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