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US Secretary of State will present Kim Jong Ne with Elton John’s disc with the song “Rocket Man” during the negotiations on nuclear disarmament

Together with the CD will also receive a letter from Trump.

Reuters photo

July 6, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to Pyongyang, where the next round of talks with the DPRK on nuclear disarmament will take place. According to theSouth Korean media, when meeting Pompeo will give Kim Jong-un a gift from Donald Trump: Elton John CD with the song “Rocket Man”.

Sources of one of the largest Korean newspapers “Chosun Ilbo” noted that the track was the topic for a conversation between Trump and Kim Jong-no during a lunch at a summit in Singapore.

Kim recalled that Trump called him “a small rocket man” after a series of missile tests in the DPRK. After that, the US president asked the North Korean leader if he had heard the song of Elton John. Kim Jong-un replied that he did not.

extract from the newspaper “Chosun Ilbo”

According to the publication, Trump also wrote a message to the leader of the DPRK – he will be given along with the disc of the British singer. Pompeo’s trip is taking placeagainst the background of doubts by the American authorities that North Korea intends to abandon its nuclear programs.

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