The programmer tried to sell for $ 50 million stolen spyware for iOS

A former employee of the company of the Israeli NSO Group, resentful of the employer for his dismissal, leaving, took with him a copy of the source code of “super spyware” software for iOS Pegasus. Then he put it on the black market, demanding $ 50 million in the crypto currency. The potential buyer, instead of negotiating the terms of the deal, informed the NSO Group about the find.

The programmer who put the source for Pegasus for sale, joined the NSO Group in 2017, taking up the post of “seignior.” According to his job duties, the man had to work with the code of the mentioned product. The internal security system in the company is built in such a way as to stop any attempts to copy the fruits of the NSO Group’s work on an external drive. A way to circumvent such protection was found by the programmer on the Internet and got at his disposal a cache with the necessary data.

Shortly before this, the programmer was summoned to the leadership, informing him of his intention to dismiss him, writes Motherboard.

A man was detained, he could be very seriously charged, including by Israel.

NSO Group delivers its software solutions to provide third-party access to data on iOS-devices to authorities of different countries. The existence of Pegasus became known by chance in 2016.

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