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The Ministry of Internal Affairs terminated the case against the mother of an incurably sick child who resold the medicine on the Internet

She was suspected of selling drugs.

Ekaterina Konnova with her sons. Photo by Yefim Erichman, Children’s Hospice “House with a Lighthouse”

The Interior Ministry stopped the case against Muscovite Ekaterina Konnova, the mother of an incurably sick child who was suspected of selling drugs after trying to resell an unnecessary medicine to diazepam. This was reported by TASS.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk, the head of the ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev instructed the chief of the GU MVD in Moscow to carefully understand all the circumstances of the criminal case and assess its validity and timeliness of the initiation.

Six-year-old son Konnova is sick with epilepsy and artesia of the esophagus , he needs diazepam. First Konova put the child with injections with the drug (I had to do 5-6 injections per day), but then switched to microclysters that cost more. In Russia, microclysters of diazepam can not be bought and a woman turned to resellers on the Internet. In late 2017, Konnov bought immediately 20 microclysters, paying for every thousand rubles. As writes “Medusa”, five capsules of diazepam in the pharmacy can be purchased for 100 rubles.

At some point, the child’s body got used to microclysters, they began to snap for a while, and Konnov returned to injections. The remaining five enemas, she decided to sell the same as she bought – in “VKontakte”, the parents of children with epilepsy. However, they sold them cheaper – not for a thousand rubles apiece, but for 650 rubles.

Konnov was detained on June 18, when the buyer was given microclysters with diazepam. She was told that she was detained after the “control purchase”, a woman was brought into the business of selling drugs under Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code.

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