The flagship Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 appeared in the photo. The smartphone will be entirely frameless

Not so long ago, Xiaomi released a modified version of the flagship Mi MIX 2S, as already full of details about the new generation of smartphone. According to the latest leak, the device will finally becompletely frameless.

The photograph is said to represent Mi MIX 3. Unlike its predecessors, there is no frame at the bottom of the device where the front camera was previously located. As previously reported, now for video calls and selfies the camera will leave the case.


In the upper part you can see the speaker. It is not clear from the photo where Xiaomi placed the proximity sensor, which turns off the screen when talking.

It is assumed that the smartphone will debut with the Snapdragon 845 chip – the same processor is installed in the Mi MIX 2S. Also the device should receive wireless charging. The premiere is expected not earlier than autumn.

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