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Roskomnadzor has developed educational games and presentations on the protection of personal data for schoolchildren

The agency offers to use coloring and “memorization” on Flash in the program of class hours or special lessons.

Roskomnadzor prepared presentations for children from 9 to 14 years, devoted to the topic of personal data protection. With the help of the materials “with sound and built-in animation”, the department counts on teaching schoolchildren to protect their data and to explain to them where to apply for violation of rights.

Together with the presentations, Roskomnadzor also presented a training site “Personal Data . Children” . In addition to teaching materials, tests and games developed by Roskomnadzor for teenagers are also published on it.

A test of knowledge of the theory of personal data. Here and below – screenshot of the site “personal data. Children” The game “Labyrinth”
Flash Coloring
Flash game “Choose me”

According to representatives of Roskomnadzor, “a new format for conducting training events” can be remotely used to organize class hours or other lessons about personal data.

This visualization, as the most effective form of information perception, will show how important and necessary it is to protect your personal data, the consequences of placing personal data on the Internet, and threats to become a victim of scammers.

extract from the announcement of Roskomnadzor
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