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Putin praised bloggers for breaking stereotypes about Russia during the World Cup 2018. He called them “people’s journalists”

It’s not often you hear that from the president.

Vladimir Putin met with famous world football players in the Kremlin to talk about the World Cup in Russia. Among the guests were FIFA President Gianni Infantino, Dutchman Marco van Basten, German Lothar Matthaus and Englishman Rio Ferdinand.

According to the president, the guests of the 2018 World Cup were convinced of the hospitality of Russia, “benevolently attuned to those who come to our country.” Bloggers praised bloggers, calling them “people’s journalists.” Who exactly was meant, he did not specify.

The so-called people’s journalists who work on their own, in their personal capacity in social networks, they just contributed to the fact that many stereotypes about Russia simply collapsed.

Vladimir Putin

Most often Putin speaks on the Internet topic not very specifically, carefully or skeptically. At the same time, on the “direct line” on June 7, the president did not rule out the recognition of the blogger’s work at the legislative level by the profession, noting that “it is necessary to talk about this”.

On the same “straight line” Putin answered the question of the prosecution for posting on the Internet, calling for the observance in all spheres of general rules on the dissemination of extremist information. At the same time, the president advised “to decide on the very concepts” and “not to bring everything to the point of absurdity.” After that , the draft law on the decriminalization of punishment for reposts in social networks was introduced in the State Duma , it was supported by the Communications Ministry.

In January, Putin during the campaign , said that “no one is abusing the” restrictions on the Internet and suggested “to develop the control system on the network” on the part of society. “This does not mean that you need to introduce some draconian methods,” he promised .

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