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Patriotic French, drinking Swedes, rude Brazilians: foreign fans through the eyes of users of “Yandex”

What and who is most often asked by Russians.

French fans in the Moscow metro. Photo by TASS

In “Yandex” they studied the requests of users about fans from different countries. It turned out that they often look for information that foreigners are singing and screaming. In addition, the authors of inquiries were interested in how many foreigners have come to the city [how many Japanese fans will come to Saransk], why there are so many [English fans why so little], and where they spend time [in which bars fans are].

In the “Yandex” also compiled a list of actions of fans, which they most memorable Russians. For example, the Japanese distinguished themselves by removing rubbishfrom the stands, and Iranians – by the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was not allowed to sleep .

Also, Yandex users often ask for the translation of individual words and phrases, most often “hello”, “thank you” or “how are you?”. At the same time, non-existent languages ​​are in demand: for example, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinean and Australian.

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