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On the anime “Gundam” will remove the full-length film

The film company Legendary announced a partnership with the Japanese Sunrise. Two companies are goingto shoot a feature film on the popular Japanese science fiction franchise “Gundam”, which in the homeland embodied in dozens of animated series and films.

The series about huge robots in the universe “Gundam” are one of the most popular and cult in Japan, yielding in some ratings only to “Evangelion”. The franchise takes its own count since 1979, when the series “Mobile Warrior Gundam” appeared on the screens. In the movie, he could be seen in the movie Spielberg “The first player to prepare.”

It is not yet known what plot from this vast franchise attracted Hollywood tycoons. But it should be noted that Legendary likes stories about monstrous things: “Kong: Skull Island”, “Jurassic World”, “Godzilla”, “Pacific Frontier” – their handiwork.

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