LG patented a stylus-smartphone with a flexible screen

The Internet has a  description of the new idea of ​​LG. Koreans decided to fit the capabilities of the smartphone into the form factor of the stylus. They succeeded, but so far only on paper.

The gadget will have two screens. One is quite small – it is needed to display several icons, notifications and time. The other is hidden in the case and leaves from there, like a canvas for the projector. In the expanded state, the touch screen does not differ in features from the displays of conventional smartphones.

According to LG, in a small package all the necessary sensors will fit: a gyroscope, a compass, a proximity sensor, a barometer and a system for tracking the direction of the user’s view. In addition, the device can work in tandem with a smartphone or tablet: if you label the smart stylus on any surface, it will appear on the synchronized device.

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