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In Egypt, an ancient sarcophagus was found on the construction site

Judging by the short message of Egypt Today, a sensational discovery was made not by archaeologists, but by law enforcement officers. Local residents often conduct illegal excavations under their own homes in the hope of a valuable find: everyone knows that at a depth of several meters under the modern city lies the ancient Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great, the pearl of Egypt of the Ptolemaic era.

The official statement of the Ministry of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of Egypt, however, describes the circumstances of the find differently: “during the construction inspection of the site, preceded by the excavation of the foundation of private property on Al-Karmili Street in the Sidi Gaber area.” As it happened, as a result of planned works, or during a police raid against black diggers, archaeologists immediately took the place of an incredible find. There was nothing of the kind in Alexandria before, the size of the sarcophagus was struck even by experienced specialists: 265 cm in length, 185 cm in height and 165 cm in width.

The extraction of the 30-ton sarcophagus from a depth of 5 meters was assisted by the engineering troops (in Sidi Gaber is the headquarters of the northern district of the Armed Forces of Egypt) and the tourist police of Alexandria. A preliminary description of the finds is known from the words of archaeologist Ayman Ashmawy (Ayman Ashmawy) The antiquity sarcophagus refers to the Ptolemaic era (322 – 30 BC). This is the largest sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria. Next to him was found the head of a giant alabaster statue – perhaps she represented the owner of the tomb.

The find is incredible, but it’s not even in the size of the sarcophagus and the statue. Archaeologists immediately drew attention to the fact that the mortar between the lid and the shell of the sarcophagus is not damaged – hence, since the burial of the tomb, no one has opened, for two millennia, neither robbers nor builders have reached it. closely monitor developments and wait for news of a mysterious man from the black sarcophagus.


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