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In anticipation of the Third World: what is known about the totalitarian Japanese sect “Aum Shinrikyo”

Numerous murders in anticipation of the nuclear Armageddon.

The evacuation of victims of the Aum Shinrikyo act of terrorism in the Tokyo metro, during which about 5-6 thousand people were injured. Photos of ABC News

Updated 6/7/2018: The founder of the sect “Aum Shinrikyo” and his associates were executed in Japan. They were found guilty of “numerous murders”, including a gas attack in the Tokyo subway in 1995.

On October 19, 2015, LifeNews reported that Russian intelligence officers had uncovered in Moscow an underground cell of the Japanese terrorist organization Aum Shinrikyo, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the investigation, until May 2014, representatives of the sect organized yoga classes, during which they distributed their near-religious teachings. Participants were forced to refuse food and sleep, and donations collected through the Internet.

As LifeNews told a young man who listened to the introductory “lectures” of the sect on Skype, the Aum Shinrikyo representatives who communicated with them for a long time did not disclose their true identity. In the process of “learning” actively promoted the idea of ​​buying goods of the movement: this, according to the teaching, was regarded as useful for karma actions. The initial fee was 5 thousand rubles, the student told the TV channel.

However, what happened in the Moscow apartment can be called one of the most harmless practices of the cult “Aum Shinrikyo” (Yap. オ ウ ム 真理 教, “Teaching the Truth of Aum “). In the nineties, when their activities became planetary scales, various narcotic substances and electrical appliances were widely used for initiation, which were called “helmets of salvation”: with their help, the sect’s followers were brought to a semi-unconscious state. A separate rite was “sharing in the sperm and blood” guru.

The very teaching for which all these methods were used was an insane mixture of Buddhism, yoga, tantrism, Taoism, Christianity, and even theses borrowed from Nostradamus texts. All this was reworked and re-interpreted by the founder of Aum Shinrikyo by Tizuo Matsumoto with the help of his own thoughts and conjectures. Taking a new name – Shoko Asahara (after a few years he also took the title “His Holiness, the Spirit of Truth, the Reverend Teacher”) – he began to spread the religious doctrine he created.

The teaching of the truth of the Aum was based on the fact that the Third World War will soon begin, which will end with the nuclear Armageddon, the concept and key components of which (for example, the Last Judgment) Asahara-Matsumoto partially copied from the revelations of John the Theologian. Followers of the cult were taught that only those who reached Aum will be saved from the end of the world.

Originally, such ideas were spread among educated Japanese youth and students, since it was young scientists who were supposed to restore civilization. This crazy idea would have sunk into oblivion, had it not been for the help of the Buddhist patriarchs, including the Dalai Lama XIV himself. According to the American journalist Christopher Hitchens, Asahara-Matsumoto paid for the meeting with the leader of all Buddhists more than one million US dollars earned by him on the sale of Chinese medicines and “charged items.” Thanks to such a high patronage, the cult of Aum went far beyond Japan, organizing its own representations in Bonn and New York.

However, in the early nineties, the teaching became more and more radicalized. Asahara-Matsumoto declared himself to be the new messiah, the Japanese Christ and the lamb of God, called to earth to take upon himself all the sins of mankind and to save people from bad karma. In 1992, the “Minister of Interpretation” Aum Shinrikyo declared war on the Constitution. Wishing to arm followers of the cult, he made several trips to Russia, where he was going to buy military helicopters and Kalashnikov assault rifles, as well as details for making a nuclear bomb.

In the spring of 1992, Asahara-Matsumoto personally visited Moscow. His visit was widely covered by the Russian media: daily appearances on the Mayak radio were alternated with weekly half-hour TV seminars. All this together with the speeches before a huge number of people in leading Moscow universities – Moscow State University, MEPhI and MSTU – led to Russia becoming one of the most important countries for Aum Shinrikyo: according to various sources, the number of followers of the sect in the nineties was from ten to fifty thousand people.

A year later, the head physician and one of the leaders of the organization, Ikuo Hayashi, met with the president of the Russian-Japanese University, Oleg Lobov. Thanks to this meeting, the Japanese were able to buy documents detailing the process of producing sarin, an extremely powerful pesticide used as a chemical weapon. Already much later, when the investigation began, Russian special services doubted that such a deal actually took place, despite the confirmation of the sect’s intelligence chief.

The evacuation of victims of the Aum Shinrikyo act of terrorism in the Tokyo metro, during which about 5-6 thousand people were injured. Photos of the Japan Times

The first terrorist attack using sarin, which was also the first terrorist attack in history with the use of chemical weapons, occurred on June 27, 1994 in the center of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. The population of the city at that time was about 250 thousand people, but the number of dead and injured as a result of this action did not suit the sectarians.

After some time, Asahara-Matsumoto, who sensed the impending advent of the end of the world and the “final battle between good and evil,” personally gave the order to launch an attack on the Tokyo metro, wishing to destroy as many “sinners” as possible. The executors were supposed to carry the packages with liquid sarin to the train cars, but do not spray it with the aerosol into the ventilation system, but pierce them with pointed tips of the umbrellas and leave the poison to spread over the wagons, which would allow the intruders to leave the scene unharmed.

As a result of this terrorist attack on March 20, 1995, from 12 to 27 people diedaccording to different data, and 5.5-6.5 thousand people were seriously injured. The main symptoms were partial paralysis, dysfunction of the speech and musculoskeletal system, loss of vision. A total of several tens of thousands of people have suffered from terrorist actions in varying degrees.

By that time, the police had been following Aum Shinrikyo for a long time: three months before the attack on the metropolitan underground, they found traces of sarin at the factory owned by the organization, located a hundred kilometers from Tokyo. Already on March 22, the police began large-scale searches in sect buildings, during which components were found for the production of sarin in an amount sufficient to kill more than four million people. Also, the police found anthrax cell cultures and Zarah-imported containers with the Ebola virus.

In a couple of months Matsumoto-Asahara himself was arrested. He was charged with 17 charges, including the organization of murders and kidnappings. Four years later, the leader of Aum Shinrikyo admitted that it was on his orders that an attack was carried out on the Tokyo Metro. A few months later, Asahara refused to give any evidence, and also rejected most of the charges against him.

In 2004, almost ten years after his arrest, Matsumoto-Asahara was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. By the end of 2015, the verdict was never enforced in connection with ongoing judicial proceedings against the remaining leaders of the sect.

In Russia, the organization was banned shortly after the Tokyo attack, although the first lawsuits against it were filed in July 1994. At that time, the “Committee to Save Youth from Totalitarian Sects” demanded “to prohibit the activities of the sect, to stop broadcasting the sermons of its head” teacher Shoko Asahara “, and also pay for the treatment of the followers of the sect” affected by mental violence “.

Thus, for the last twenty years, the cult has acted in an underground regime, disguising itself under various small religious organizations engaged in the spread of Buddhism and its currents on the territory of Russia. And now the news headlines are again full of references to those who seemed to have long gone down in history.

According to experts, Izvestia reports , in addition to Moscow, the sect continues to operate in 54 other constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and the present number of victims of their actions in the last few years may amount to thousands.

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