How to activate the voice assistant without the command “Hello, Siri”

The voice assistant for Russian-speaking users is a contradictory thing. On the one hand, you can quickly make calls, manage a smart house or switch tracks to Apple Music, but on the other hand, the English-speaking analogue of an assistant is much more useful.

Most of all, the local Siri is frustrated by the incorrectly localized activation phrase. Instead of “Hey” or “OK” we got the word “Hello”.

Every time I say hello to Siri to activate the team is a bit strange.

Of course, you can call the assistant using a physical button on the iPhone, but it’s better to bypass the annoying limitation and configure the Siri call in another way.

On any Mac

On any Mac with the operating system macOS Sierra and above, you can use the voice assistant. To call Siri, you will need to use a keyboard shortcut or an application icon.

There is one trick that allows you to configure voice activation helper. Everything is done simply and without third-party applications.

The main thing is that instead of the phrase “Hi Siri” you can specify any keywords, although “OK, Google” enter.

Get a voice activation, but with a more convenient command instead of a bored “Hello.”

In the car

Compatible with iOS audio systems offer the option to activate the voice assistant using a special button on the radio.

With CarPlay support, the button will be duplicated with a virtual key on the monitor, and if there is a control panel on the steering wheel, it will be possible to launch the Siri through it.

As you can see, in the car you can definitely forget about the stupid phrase “Hello, Siri” and use physical or virtual buttons.

With AirPods

Active users of Apple’s wireless headset can fully experience the simplicity and convenience of launching Siri.

You just need to connect the headset to the iPhone, go to the Bluetooth section and select the headphones.

In the settings, you must specify the activation of the assistant by double clicking on the headset. You can do this for both “ears”, but you can specify only one, hanging on the second opportunity.

Now double tap on the headset and say the command without greeting.

With Apple Watch

Owners of Apple Watch of the second generation and newer models can try the Raise to Speak chip . At the moment it is available when installing beta versions of iOS 12 on the iPhone and watchOS 5 on the clock.

On Apple Watch you need to go to Settings – General – Siri and enable the new option.

In this case, the clock will begin to listen to the command when lifting the wrist.

Attention! The test firmware is still “raw” and the chip may not work correctly.

That’s how Apple gradually expands the number of ways to activate the voice assistant, making it easier and more accessible.

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