How the application works Shortcuts Siri in iOS 12

Yesterday, Apple gave developers access to the beta version of the new application Shortcuts. It focuses on automating user processes by analogy with Workflow.

Some developers have already accessed the program and published the test results.

For example, the voice command Sexy time, set by the user manually. The developer installed automatic Do Not Disturb for 1 hour, change the color of the ambient light, and play a specific playlist.

But this is not all. Users can customize the multitasking of Siri and set their own commands.

In a separate tab, the user selects the necessary action when the command is triggered.

While the list is limited only by built-in iOS applications and some third-party programs, but the release of iOS 12, the number of functions will increase significantly.

Here is the fully customized command of the Siri Labels:

You can even set your own text, which will be displayed on the screen when you call Siri. Some developers note that the voice assistant will say the commands aloud.

What’s even more remarkable is the ability to run your own Java scripts.

A good example of the work of one of the user’s shortcuts.

On a more serious note:

Like I imagined, Shortcuts IS Workflow, but much more powerful thanks to Siri. All the advanced features are here, plus new actions.

Here’s a Toggl API workflow running in Siri. Took me 2 minutes to update it.

It seems that Apple is working on a really amazing application. And I would very much like it to appear in public testing, and not just for certain developers.

I’m glad that Siri can now be customized as individually as possible.

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