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Flashmob with the “disappearance” of the owner works not only with dogs, but also with parrots

True, the bird was more outraged than surprised.

In late June, users of social networks launched a flash mob #WhatTheFluffChallenge. Its essence lies in the performance of the “magic trick” with the disappearance of his pet in front of the eyes: the master needs to stand in front of the doorway, draw the attention of the pet, make some deceptive movements with a veil, and then – in time to escape.

Most often this kind of focus was performed in front of dogs, who in most cases tried for a few seconds to realize what had happened, and then began to look for owners around the house.

In early July, one of Facebook users decided to try out the trick with his three-year-old Cockatoo named Angel. However, after the “disappearance” of the owner, the bird was more outraged than surprised. The parrot began to scream and walk on the couch until the person appeared again.

The owner called the behavior of the Angel a panic, but the Reddit users noted that the movements of the bird rather convey the words “Now I will start very loudly to make noise and destroy everything here.”


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