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Flashmob: Extinction in front of a dog

The best way to puzzle your dog is for a few seconds.

The dog is the man’s best friend, and these animals are known for their trust in the masters. In the middle of June, users of social networks began to use this, deceiving their pets with a simple “magic” trick with the disappearance. Flashmob was picked up by thousands of people who called it #WhatTheFluffChallenge .

It is not known who launched the “Challenge” first. Its essence is simple: you need to stand in front of the dog at the doorway, draw her attention, make some deceptive movements, and then – in time to escape. Many animals react violently to a similar “magic”: first they try to realize the event for a few seconds, and then they start searching for the owners.

But not all dogs are impressed. The authors of unsuccessful attempts were wondering whether their pet hates them.

Some videos in support of flashmob did not come to the end as planned.

And some participants of “Challengage” tried to repeat the trick with cats and people.

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