Details on the most affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S10

New details about modifications of the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 have become known . The device, as previously reported , debuts in three different executions. Now it turned out that the younger model will be very different from older brothers.

The two older models, which are designated as the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, will receive the long-awaited fingerprint scanner right in the display. In this case, a cheaper version will get built-in on the side of the fingerprint sensor, which was not yet in Samsung smartphones. In addition, the younger model will remain without a curved on the edges of the display – an effective design will remain the prerogative of top versions. The diagonal of the screen of the most affordable Galaxy S10 is supposedly 5 inches.

As for the older versions, the information remains unchanged: the Plus version will receive a 6.44-inch diagonal display and a camera with three sensors, and the standard Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a dual camera and a 5.8-inch screen.

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