Architecture: Ferris wheel on the 27th floor

The first building with a Ferris wheel, built into the facade, was to become a university, but turned into a hotel.

Photo of RED-Co

In 2012, the construction of the building on the Black Sea coast was completed in the Georgian city of Batumi under the project of the architect David Gogichaishvili. Its feature was the Ferris wheel, built at the height of the 27th floor: it consists of eight cabins and is designed for 40 people.

The Georgian-American University of Technology was supposed to be located in the building: there they were going to teach in English and issue international diplomas.

However, plans to open the university were not realized, and the building was empty for several years, until in 2015 it was sold for $ 25 million to the construction company RED-Co. In it and in the adjoining buildings , a five-star hotel, a casino, spa and fitness centers, restaurants, as well as elite housing were placed .


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