Apple released three films about football, shot on the iPhone

On the occasion of the World Cup, Apple published three short films dedicated to this sport. Each story tells about football traditions around the world.

“Heart of Australia” – a video that shows the life of Aboriginal girls who play football to preserve their cultural heritage. The dream of one of the 16-year-old football players is to become a star of world football.

The video “Wa” is a story about monks who support a game of football, despite the life-busted life and strict standards.

The final video, “Berlengas Island Cup”, shows the organization of the game between two teams of fishermen who, for the match, chose a neutral territory in the middle of the raging ocean.

All three videos were shot on the iPhone. Of course, to get such a spectacular picture Apple uses a number of auxiliary accessories, and the footage is post-processed. But a few years ago, it was very difficult to believe that it was possible to make such films with the help of a smartphone.

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