A miracle without a statute of limitations: A resident of the Netherlands waited 83 years for his gift from the airline


Arnold Neuhaus, 83, was waiting for a flight on a KLM over Amsterdam.

Children’s dreams must be fulfilled, and miracles do not have a limitation period. Confirmation of these simple truths can serve as a story that most recently occurred with the 90-year-old Amsterdam resident Arnold Neuhaus. As a child, he won a tender from the airline KLM, but the circumstances were that he could not get the promised prize. After 83 years, the award found a hero.

The competition for the best display in the KLM offices in Ghana and Amsterdam was held in the distant 1935. The main prize was a flight on an airplane, it was not necessary to dream of seeing a city from a bird’s eye view.

The best project was recognized as a seven-year-old Arnold’s drawing, and soon the family received a letter with an official notification that the boy was given a ticket for an aerial excursion. It would seem that the matter remained for small: get permission from the parents for this flight. Such an opportunity seemed fantastic, because then the planes were a rarity.


Arnold Neuhaus unexpectedly found out that his plane ticket is still valid.


The ticket that Arnold Neuhaus won in 1935.

Circumstances have developed, unfortunately, not in favor of Arnold. His sister got sick with scarlet fever, and the whole family was forbidden to contact other people. A letter from KLM was gathering dust on the shelf in anticipation of better times. Later the boy often walked past the company’s office and each time recalled with annoyance that he had not used his lucky ticket on time.


Arnold with great-grandson.

Years went by, Arnold grew up, he had a family, later – grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great-grandsons. During family gatherings, he sometimes told this amazing story. And one day, great-granddaughter Arnold decided to try her luck and turned to KLM with a request. She said that her great-grandfather won this ticket and still leads an active lifestyle, so she can easily go on an air flight.


Aircraft Dakota for flight over Amsterdam.

The company decided that if you arrange such a flight, then it feels great to feel like it, akin to the feelings that another seven-year-old Arnold could experience. In the age of digital technology to surprise an adult is difficult, but KLM employees succeeded.

The ticket to the plane was handed to Arnold by his great-grandson, who is now just 7 years old, they were offered to fly together. At the airport, they were taken to an old Ford A Tudor car in 1928. In the sky, Arnold with a great-grandson climbed the Dakota DC-3 “Princess Amalie”.


Rarity Ford for Arnold.


The film crew captured the unique emotions of the happy man on the camera.


Aircraft for Arnold and his great-grandson.

On the day Arnold’s dream was fulfilled, the weather was magnificent. From the plane you could see the whole panorama of Amsterdam, the blossoming fields of tulips in Koikenhof Park, numerous windmills. When the plane landed, Arnold was met by his whole large and friendly family. It’s really true, a dream does not have a statute of limitations, then it’s a dream!


The dream of seeing Amsterdam from a bird’s eye view came true.


Passengers are lucky in the plane.


A large and friendly family of Arnold Neuhaus.

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