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4 million bitcoins are lost forever, 2 million are stolen

According to experts, up to now, about 4 million bitcoins have been irretrievably lost. Another two million units of the most popular crypto currency are stolen. This was told by Jameson Lopp, former chief engineer of BitGo and engineer at CasaHODL. Thus, in circulation there are about 11 million bitcoins – those with which you can make transactions (exchange, purchase, etc.).

Experts do not rule out that such a state of affairs can affect the bitcoin rate, especially when the entire volume of this crypto currency will be released or it will approach the maximum. The influence is exerted also by the “speculative nature” of the crypto currency, which can acquire the status of “premium”, Reuters writes .

It is noted that when calculating bitcoin capitalization, it is taken into account that all 17.13 million virtual coins are available. If you take into account losses of $ 6 million, the rate and capitalization will look different – higher by about 30%.

Currently, the bitcoin rate is about $ 6,500 per unit.

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