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Yandex Search can merge your passwords from Google Docs (updated)

What a twist. Yandex search began indexing data stored in Google Docs.

UPD : more data is not indexed. It seems “the shop is closed.”

Yandex Press Secretary Ilya Grabovsky:

Our security team is now communicating with colleagues from Google to draw their attention to the fact that these files may contain private information.

Accordingly, if you throw in the “cloud” files with passwords or any other important data – finding them will be very simple.

It is enough to drive “site: passwords” in the search box, and you will open thousands of pages with archived user data. And they are completely visible to everyone.

We advise you not to upload such data to public access, because this information is quietly indexed by the search engines.

PS Important. If you upload data to the network, do not enable public access. Judging by some “plums”, access to private data will get into Yandex indexing, even if you have access only by reference.

Privacy settings should look like this:


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