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Yandex explained the situation with the indexing of Google Docs

Yesterday at night Yandex indexed thousands of documents created in the Google Docs service. As a result, anyone could access the private documents through passwords without passwords. and In Google Docs found an instruction with restrictions on hiring in “Tinkoff Bank.” The company denies involvement in the document

A few hours after the incident, Yandex removed all the service documents from the search results, and the company’s representatives gave an explanation of what had happened.

Yandex indexes an exclusively open part of the Internet. That is, those pages that can be accessed without entering a login and password. The number of pages that are not indexed are those specified by the resource administrator in the robots.txt file.

The service file does not contain such an exception, so they were indexed. We already contacted our colleagues from Google, warning about the possible opening of private information of users.

Ilya Grabovsky press secretary of Yandex

In any case, for reinsurance, make sure that all your documents in the Google Docs service have the privacy level of “Access by invitation”. In addition, give up the idea to store passwords in documents services. It is a bad idea.

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