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“Yandex” began to issue search documents from Google Docs. There already found passwords and personal data

The company claims that “it indexes only the open part of the Internet”.

In the search output of “Yandex” there were files of users of the Google.Docs service, which are not protected by the privacy settings and are in public access. This was noted by the authors of several Telegram channels, including Roman Bordunov and ” Information Danger “, when searching for “passwords” on request.

Issuance of “Yandex” with the request “Passwords” and site refinement.

As shown by the  check, “Yandex” really began to issue links to Google documents with an advanced search. Owners of such documents allowed viewing or editing to anyone who received the link. sent a request to Yandex, but received no prompt response.

From the search engine were available files of users of the Google service, which, among other things, store personal data in an unprotected form.

Example of a public document issued on request. Logins and passwords are hidden by

In social networks, there are many calls urgently to change the privacy settings in Google Docs.

In Twitter, Facebook and Telegram began to enter random requests like “kickbacks”, discovering many documents openly.

In some cases, the unknowns have already used public editing of documents.

What you need to do so that your data is not stolen

  • Do not store passwords and other sensitive personal information in public Google Docs;
  • Change the level of privacy of documents by setting ” access by invitation .”

Updated 1:10 on July 5: documents of Google Docs users disappeared from the issuance of “Yandex”.

Updated 1:20 am July 5: after links to Google Docs disappeared from the issuance, a Yandex representative confirmed availability of complaints about the availability of Google Docs files.

In “Yandex” they say that they index only the “open part of the Internet”. A company spokesman also said that his colleagues began to contact Google to report the problem.

“Yandex” indexes only the open part of the Internet – those pages that are available when clicking on links without entering a login and password. Pages that are not indexed by the site administrator in the robots.txt file, Yandex does not index, even if they are in the open part of the Internet.

On Wednesday evening, support was requested from users complaining about the file accessibility issue at Our security team is now communicating with colleagues from Google to draw their attention to the fact that these files may contain private information.

Ilya Grabovsky
the press secretary of “Yandex”
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