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Users complained about Yandex for indexing their Google Docs documents

Users of social networks on the eve of complained that the search robots “Yandex” engaged in indexing documents Google Docs. They could contain confidential data (for example, passwords and appearance), which caused discontent. As reported by TASS with reference to the search company, the search indexes only those Internet pages that are not protected by a login and password. That is, the user himself authorized them.

“Yandex” indexes only the open part of the Internet: those pages that are available when clicking on links without entering a login and password, “the company explained.

“In the settings for accessing indexed files, users themselves set the option” publicly available for searching and browsing. ” That is, there is a human factor – a simple negligence, “ – explained  in turn in the company Group IB.

According to the expert, access to documents can be obtained using advanced search settings specified in a certain sequence. More often it is called Google hack or Google dorks.

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