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Photo: Opponent Trump trying to climb the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day

The girl was detained, and other activists said that they did not know about her plans.

July 4, the US Independence Day, a woman tried to climb onto one of the main symbols of the country’s ideology – the Statue of Liberty in New York. She did this shortly after opponents of the migration policy of Donald Trump staged a rally near the monument. Ordinary visitors were evacuated.

The police tried to talk to the woman and offered to go down voluntarily, but she refused and about two hours ( judging by the broadcast ) moved along the high part of the pedestal. The activist explained that she would go down when “all children were released” -a speech about children separated from their parents who illegally crossed the US border.

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The New York police found that the actions of the activist pose a threat to public security. As a result, the staff went up to the pedestal, took the girl and went down with her for insurance.

Screenshot from WABC Screenshot from WABC Screenshot from WABC

Representatives of the movement Rise and Resist, which deployed a banner near the Statue of Liberty, confirmed that the girl is listed as a member and participated in the action. However, the leadership of the movement was not aware of her plans to climb the monument.

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