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“Leroy Merlin” confirmed the veracity of the Google Docs file with comments about the scandal with the PR man

The company admitted that it collects comments about the conflict around the former employee.

Screenshot of the table with comments about the former PR “Leroy Merlin”, spread in Telegram channels

In the evening of July 4, a table with comments on the topic of the scandal surrounding the post of the former PR-manager of Leroy Merlin by Galina Panina about the “cotton wool” was found among the documents of Google Docs available in the issuance of “Yandex.” Representatives of the company confirmed reliability of the file and said that they were “upset” by the appearance of it on the Internet.

Yes, this is one of the internal working documents that we conduct in the framework of clarifying all the details of the situation. We conduct an analysis of user comments on the post of the former Leroy Merlin employee Galina Panina. We are disappointed that the document has got into the network.

representative of Leroy Merlin

tried to clarify how “Leroy Merlin” uses this kind of analytics, but did not receive an operational response.

Alexander Plyushchev, a journalist at the radio station Ekho Moskvy, told a storyabout the scandal surrounding the “Leroy Merlin” in his telegram channel. He thanked his regular readers and suggested that this document proves the artificial creation of an agiotage around the conflict: “This is how the appearance of” civil society “is created.”

tried to contact those whose publications are mentioned in the document “Leroy Merlin”. One such, Dmitry Krymov, introduced himself to the editorial office as “a former potential client, outraged by the improper behavior of the company’s top management.” He explained that he left at least five comments about the scandal in the communities of different cities in order to “find out how strong the corporate spirit”. Irina Ufimtseva and Alexey Shestopalov did not respond to request.

At the time of writing, a table with comments is not available . “Yandex” excluded public Google Docs files from the issuance of about 1:00 Moscow time. The version of the page from the cache is also unavailable.

On July 4, Panina announced her resignation after a scandal over a Facebook post, noting that “business is only in business and should never be involved in politics.” The scandal surrounding the PR man of Leroy Merlin began after her publication that football fans allegedly burned the girl during the celebration of Russia’s victory over Spain. She called all dissenters “vatka” and deleted the comments.

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