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In Russia, deployed an automated command and control system for 21 billion

The Ministry of Defense of Russia begins the formation of the automated control system of troops (ACSA) “Akatsiya-M”. More than 21 billion Russian rubles have already been allocated for the purchase of the complexes. As “Izvestia” writes , “Akatsiya-M” in online mode provides the army commander and his staff with information about the combat situation. Including the state of their troops and the actions of the enemy.

“Acacia-M” consists of staff vehicles with special equipment on the basis of high-pass four-axle trucks KAMAZ, which ensures high mobility of the complex. It is stated that it can be deployed “in a matter of minutes”.

With the help of closed channels of radio and satellite communications, ASUV creates a single information field that ensures continuous information exchange between command posts and headquarters. Intelligence systems, including satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles, have also been integrated in the ASU.

Formation of “Acacia-M” will begin this year and will last until 2019.

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