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In Omsk, the worker of the month at the “Post of Russia” was the Red Cat

The employee is working in the sales department and as assured by mail, with his arrival, the income increased several times.

He achieved success at a decent age. And you can do it! (no)

On the eve of the holiday “Russian Post Day”, in Omsk solemnly invited to the scene of a cat named Red, who was among the best workers of the month of the regional administration of the Federal Postal Service.

The cat was awarded a large package of fat cream! (the employee of the month in the middle)

A few weeks ago, the cat, after losing the owners, began to often appear at the post office on the outskirts of Omsk. The cat came before the employees and waited for the employees, those in turn often fed him, and then the cat did take the place at the counter for the newspapers.

This can only afford an employee with a tail.

Over time, it became obvious that the cat needed to find a new family for permanent residence at home, in more comfortable conditions, and such a family was found, however, after a week, the cat again ran to the post office. As a result, it was decided to arrange the Red Cat for work and give him a special form.

As noted in the Omsk branch of the Russian Post, Redhead has become a very valuable and indispensable employee.

Redhead works at the post office in the sales department. With its appearance, revenues and office indicators increased. Redhead raises the mood of customers, they adore him, stroked and fed.

Yulia Kolotushu
Press secretary of the Omsk branch of the Russian Post

Here is such a good story, which will dilute the tape.

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