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In Google Docs found an instruction with restrictions on hiring in “Tinkoff Bank.” The company denies involvement in the document

In the file, it is recommended not to hire “strong minority representatives”, black people and former FSB officers.

The founder of the bank is Oleg Tinkov. Photo by Evgeniya Pavlenko, Kommersant

In the publicly available documents Google Docs, which in the evening of July 4 appeared in the issuance of “Yandex”, found a file with restrictive instructions for hire in “Tinkoff Bank.” The company told that “there are no such documents in the organization”.

In a file allegedly created by the employees of Tinkoff Bank, they found a ban on hiring applicants for certain sexual orientations, races and professions. For example, under the restrictions were black people, representatives of “minorities”, those who need to be distracted from work during the day because of religious considerations, and the FSB.

Press service of “Tinkoff Bank” in a conversation with began to deny involvement in the document. The company also said that it began to find out the origin of the file.

No, of course, there are no such documents in our organization. We recruit anyone who can work effectively at the place they are applying for. In the group “Tinkoff” employees of all races, sexual orientations, ages and religions work, including those indicated in this text.

representative of Tinkoff Bank

After the media drew attention to the document, access to the file was restricted.

In the evening of July 4 in the search output of “Yandex” there were files of users of the Google.Docs service, which are not protected by the privacy settings. The documents disappeared from the issue about 1:00 on July 5, Moscow time. The company noted that the error is not related to the peculiarities of their search engine, and stressed that they index only the “open part of the Internet”.


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