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Favorite films of the unloved genre. A small list of worthwhile melodramas

For a long time I was biased about films in the genre of melodrama, did not look at them and did not consider it necessary to go into this topic. In the majority of romantically tragic paintings, I saw no value (and now I do not see it), and even the presence of cute actors faces could not (and can not) convince me.

However, in due course I began to notice that in this genre there are, really, worthwhile works, most of them, strangely enough, do not have wide popularity. I will tell you about some of them.

These are films in which love is shown not as a flashy and superficial feeling coupled with a contrived and tearful story, but as something multifaceted, all-encompassing, difficult to explain, but vital.

Winter fairy tale, or Queen, lost her name

It would seem, a trivial story about an unsociable woman with a bunch of complexes and disappointment in the eyes in the life of which at some point a man appeared who managed to achieve her smile. But no, history, by no means trivial, or, in any case, it is not.

This is a light and touching picture, proving that love, or just sincere romantic relationships, can do wonders and melt even those hearts that have been under the ice for a long time from cynicism and rudeness.

Love (2012)

A heavy and heartfelt love story, which has already passed many tests, but the most important of which, it has yet to pass. The film tells about the life of elderly spouses, which at some point darkens the disease.

The picture is unhurried, thoughtful, it takes to deep fears and forces to rethink very much.

About the body and soul

An interesting story about the tender, childishly naive feelings of two unsociable characters, which brings together a very mysterious circumstance – a general dream.

Touching the shyness, the experiences often inaccessible to many adults, and such an attractive sincerity – all this against the backdrop of boring everyday affairs and human stiffness, accepted by all for the norm.

Also I would like to note: close-ups, attention to detail, the unhurried course of the narrative, the elaboration of the main characters, and the feeling when viewing the perfect uniqueness of the picture.


The Russian film directed by Khlebnikov, released last year. Especially in this story I’m attracted to her sincerity and vitality (I do not like this word, but dammit, it’s better not to say).

Heroes are ordinary people, loaded with a heap of domestic problems, which, however, in addition to “bytovuhi” there is a need to be loved. Disagreements, the fatigue of each other’s society, but at the same time quite sincere tenderness and the desire for change are those qualities that characterize the alliance of the heroes of this film.

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