World Championship2018

Coca-Cola has released a limited series of bottles with the score of the Russia-Spain match

In honor of the historic victory and the release of the Russian team in the quarterfinal World Cup 2018.

Coca-Cola, the official partner of the Russian national football team, has released a limited series of bottles with a special design. Glass containers with a volume of 0.33 liters are decorated with a label with numbers 4-3 – this is the score of the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, in which the Russians won a victory over the Spaniards on penalties.

A representative of the company told that bottles with a unique design are already available for sale in some bars and restaurants in Moscow.


The next match with the Russian national team will be held on July 7 – at 21:00 Moscow time, the Russians will meet with Croats at the stadium in Sochi.

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