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Annoyingly unpopular cartoons

Five beautiful cartoons straight from France, but unites them, by no means, only the country of production.

Unusual painting, annoying unpopularity and considerable calculation for an adult viewer – all that guarantees the success of a sophisticated audience.

Avril and the fake world

If you are a fan of the steampunk genre, then further details are unnecessary for you, you are already interested?

For the rest I will reveal some details. Science is undergoing a decline, scientists one by one are missing, and the air is full of soot and dust. In the world of the cartoon, even electricity was not invented. A girl named Avril lost parents, outstanding inventors. With her there is only her unusual cat Darwin, and together they have to go through several serious tests, for which the cartoon will be watched by the viewer.

The biggest plus of the picture is undoubtedly its plot – it’s an unlike story, which is incredibly interesting to watch. Also I liked that the time frame (past / present) is divided here not only directly by the plot, but also by color. So, for example, scenes with the past are dominated by gray and red hues, whereas the present is shown in a much more diverse palette.

This cartoon, indeed, strikes the imagination with its integrity, the idea and its steep incarnation.

ps I have a favorite character in my story – Darwin’s cat, it’s wonderful, at least because of it it’s worthwhile to set aside time for viewing this cartoon.

Cat’s Life

The cat here, in part, is the culprit of all the unfolding events. He leads a double life: in the daytime in the status of an ordinary cat of a sweet girl, and at night – an accomplice of a clever thief. Everything would go on as usual, if one small cat owner did not dare to follow his pet and find out where he runs every night.

Some pluses: the drawing is angular, and on the characters’ faces, emotions are barely noticeable, but it gives some special charm to the whole cartoon. I also want to note the plot, which is really interesting to watch, and the excitement and anxiety over the fate of the heroes is almost impossible to overcome. But at the same time, after viewing, there is an absolutely easy feeling, all experiences go to naught, and sympathy for the cartoon only increases.

Long, long holidays

– animated series, which tells about the life of a brother and sister, two children who, because of the war, parents were forced to leave for a while with their grandparents.

Despite the fact that almost all over the world war breaks into the once-calm lives of people, filling with fear and horror of their hearts, there are still places remote from military operations. In Normandy – one of these places, and the heroes of the series are visiting.

They remain children, they still want to have fun and make new friends. On their way, they meet a variety of adventures, pleasant surprises and imminent difficulties, with which, however, they do well.

Some advantages: unique drawing; touching moments; peace and war through the eyes of a child. Also, the series with Russian voice acting, you probably will not find, and watching it in the original language with Russian subtitles is doubly pleasant.

Suicide shop

– A musical comedy with black humor. This is a very strange, but attractive cartoon.

The picture tells about a family that keeps a store with goods “for committing suicide” – various poisons, strikes, knives and other tools depriving themselves of a bleak life.

Business is booming, more and more buyers are visiting the store, but this continues until the owners’ family replenishes. A completely atypical baby is born – he smiles and tries to see only the good in everything, which, naturally, can not but upset the family …

The cartoon is incredibly abruptly drawn, it is gloomy and atmospheric. The very store is told in some detail – they show the range of goods and even introduce some unfortunate buyers.

Watch this cart is already at least in order to find out their attitude to such unusual paintings.

Far North

1892 St. Petersburg. The young girl Sasha lost her grandfather – a researcher who went on an expedition to the North Pole. All searches for the missing were unsuccessful, but Sasha is sure that the search engines made a mistake by choosing the wrong route. The girl does not want to listen to the girl, and she takes a strong-willed decision – to go in search of the missing relative herself.

The cartoon is interesting already by the way Russia shows the end of the 19th century. Also it is worth noting unusual patterns – without clear boundaries and detail, but with smooth color transitions and beautiful overall plans.

The story is touching, the key characters are well-designed, and the picture’s message is simple and understandable.

The cartoon is wonderful, but at the box office it was completely undeservedly deprived of the attention of the audience. When I went to see him at the cinema, there were only three people in the room, including me.

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