Xiaomi in 2019 is going to conquer the US market

The young Chinese tiger is going to set foot on the original territory of the iPhone in 2019. This was in a comment for Reuters , Vice President Xiaomi Wang Xiang said. According to him, the US market is very attractive, and therefore Xiaomi begins to develop compatible with American networks of smartphones.

There are no specific agreements with local operators and retail networks, but the Chinese manufacturer intends to officially sell its gadgets to the US at any price.

However, the US government has recently been quite hostile to Chinese companies. For example, the activities of ZTE in the US were almost completely blocked. The company could not even repair the urinal in one of its local offices, because American companies do not have the right to trade or provide any services with it. However, the other day exactly for a month the sanctions were weakened, so that the company could maintain its offices and equipment in the US.

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