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Variety: London police investigate three new allegations of harassment by Kevin Spacey

All victims are men.

Photo by Adris Latifah, Reuters

In London, police are investigating three new allegations of harassment against actor Kevin Spacey, Variety reported citing a statement by Scotland Yard. The investigation is led by the London police unit to combat violence against children and sexual crimes.

The first about new applications was reported by TMZ. The police confirmed Variety’s fact of investigation. One of the cases allegedly occurred in 1996 in Westminster, another one – in 2008 in the boron of London Lambeth, where the theater Old Vic is located. The third case occurred in 2013 in Gloucester. All victims are men. In total, according to the publication, six investigations are being conducted against Spacey.

Since 2003, Spacey for 11 years was the artistic director of the Old Vic Theater in London. In November 2017, representatives of the theater said that they received 20 complaints about the “improper behavior” of the actor.

In early November, Spacey made a cumming-out and was accused of sexual harassment. The actor lost the contract with Netflix, and the service suspended theshooting of the series “House of cards.” Sony canceled the premiere of “All the Money in the World” with Kevin Spacey at the film festival in Los Angeles, and the Imperative Entertainment film studio reported that the footage from Spacey would be cut from the movie “All the World’s Money”. On November 3, the British police began aninvestigation into Spacy after the statement of harassment in 2008. Then a man approached the police, who asked for Spacey to help him with his career.

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