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The English fan painted a monument near the Spartak stadium. And I apologized after being detained

He said that he loved Russia and wanted to leave “something in memory.”

Moscow police detained the fan of the England national team Hall Rufus. He was accused of desecrating a monument to Moscow Spartak forward Fyodor Cherenkov, located in the Spartak stadium (also known as the “Opening Arena”), the publication “Sport Express” reported .

Rufus wrote on the chest of the monument to Cherenkov the word “England” (“England”). Later, other fans erased the inscription from the statue.

Photo of the monument to Fyodor Cherenkov with the inscription England. Photo from Twitter KadnikovVV

According to Telegram-channel Mash, Rufus was detained, he apologized to the fans of “Spartacus”. According to the fan himself, so he wanted to leave “something to remember” after his visit to the World Cup. He added that he loved Russia in two days, and would not paint a monument if he knew about a possible reaction.

Last updated at 12:55 pm : The press service of the Moscow MIA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the initiation of an administrative case against Rufus under Part 1 of Article 20.31 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (“Violation of the rules of behavior of spectators during official sports competitions”).

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