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The businessman painted a portrait of his wife for the World Cup 2018 on a 12-storey house in Moscow

The spouse of the businessman thinks that anyone can be the model for graffiti.

Photo by @novatekart

Ivan Panteleyev, the head of the Russian advertising agency Novatek Art, portrayed his wife Daria on one of the graffiti for the World Championship on a 12-story building in the Moscow district of Zhulebino.

On graffiti Daria in a sports suit and with a ball in her hands is depicted against the blue sky. Around the girl painted cartoon birds.

With such a mural we welcome all foreigners in Russia and invite them to football.

publication of Novatec Art in instagram

The painting of the facade of the house in Zhulebino was sponsored from the Moscow budget, Panteleev told Reuters. He explained that for such a large drawing the artist should be based on a real photo. In this case, the model was the wife of the entrepreneur.

Ivan and Daria Panteleyev. Reuters photo

According to Panteleyev, one of the artists was a Thai Mu Boon (Mue Bon). His trip was also sponsored by the government department for another Novatek Art project, connected with the World Cup.

Reuters noted that the picture was criticized in social networks. Art director Anna Nistratova said that “usually in response to criticism” Panteleyev accuses everyone of envy.

The rubric “The best in Russia”. To the championship everyone is trying to show the Motherland from the best side. I could not resist our “colleague” for “graffiti” Ivan Panteleev, which makes the festival “Bridge”. A Thai artist painted a portrait of the host’s wife for the whole house. Usually in response to Vanya’s criticism, he says that we envy. In this case – exactly envy. Everyone would have such a husband, a butterfly!

Anna Nistratova
Art Director

In the comments to the publication Panteleeva asked if there is a difference in who acts as a model – a familiar or unfamiliar person.

To me, purely for interest: when an artist or organizer receives an order to draw a “Russian girl with blonde hair with a ball” or an order to draw a child, what is the difference, did the girl draw a girlfriend or an unknown person to the organizer?

Daria Panteleeva
the wife of the head of Novatek Art

As follows from the data on the site of state procurement, the agency Panteleeva has been cooperating with the mayor’s office and other authorities since 2011, concluding millions of contracts. In 2016, Novatek Artu was commissioned to host a festival of graffiti and decorate Moscow for the World Cup.

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