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The ant, the wasp and the man. Top Cinema of July

Comedies, cartoons, action movies and movie comics – what else can we expect from the middle of summer? This July is no different from the previous July, so we relax and rest. So, on the agenda is the salvation of the world, resting monsters, a haunted cellar, Dwayne “Rock” Johnson and something else.


  • “Man-ant and Wasp” (Marvel, superheroes, all cases)
  • “Burning” (clever Korean movie by Haruki Murakami)
  • “Monsters on vacation 3: The sea is calling” (summer cartoon about monsters and love)
  • “Skyscraper” (one-legged Duane Johnson climbs to the skyscraper and saves everyone)
  • “Spy Game” (about a baseball player who was spying against the Nazis)
  • “Club of billionaires” (perhaps the last role of Kevin Spacey)
  • “Mission Impossible: Consequences” (a good fighter with Tom Cruise)
  • “Sanctuary of the Devil” (a dull horror film, plus another such bonus)

“Man-ant and Wasp” (since July 5)

Director: Peyton Reed.

Cast: Evangeline Lilly, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Lawrence Fishburne.

“Man-ant” – the mood is very light kinokomiks. There is no blatant pathos of the Avengers, the drama of The X-Men and the rigid humor of Deadpool. Perhaps, while this is the most family-owned franchise. Of course, this approach has shortcomings in the form of low “adulthood.”

As in many other kinomics, the plot is not very important here. There is a superhero, a danger and a villain. The task is to eliminate the danger, save the world and punish the villain. The highlight of the film is that the main character joins the partner. So it’s twice as fun to fight the evil Man-ants and Ax.

The role of the Wasps was taken by Evangeline Lilly, which you could remember on the Lost TV series or on the role of Tauriel in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit. As a whole, the band that created the band was almost fully involved in working on the “Ant-Man” three years ago, so there is no need to wait for surprises.

“Burning” (since July 5)

Director: Li Chang-dong.

Cast: Yu A-in, Chon John-so, Stephen Ian.

We got a picture that proved itself very well at the Cannes Film Festival. The film did not receive the main prize, but it was noted by the International Federation of Film Press. In addition, the movie really liked both critics and ordinary viewers.

“Burning” is based on the story of Haruka Murakami’s “Burn the Shed”. In the center of the story are three young people: two guys and a girl. The writer John-su meets his acquaintance along with her new friend Ben. The guy is cool, but weird, with one very curious and extremely dangerous hobby.

By the way, Ben’s role was also played by the actor, who became famous for the show. Do you remember Glen from The Walking Dead? This is it. Well, director Li Chang-dong is a Korean celebrity. He took only six films, but they are all very appreciated among professionals.

“Monsters on vacation 3: The sea is calling” (from July 12)

Directed by: Gennady Tartakovsky.

First, we note that there is no mistake in the director’s name. Secondly, what else do you need to know about the cartoon? Unless you decide on how much you liked or did not like the previous two parts.

Once in the summer, the authors of the “Monsters” sent the heroes of the animation to rest on the sea. More precisely – in a cruise on a chic liner. There are many specific entertainments and the mysterious captain of the ship. She falls in love with Dracula. The new union, however, is about to lead the monsters to destruction, because the beloved has his own insidious plans for a gathering of otherworldly freaks.

“Skyscraper” (since July 12)

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Cast: Duane Johnson, Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell.

A horse’s testosterone dose also does not hurt. Such a standard militant, who for some reason recalls the memories of “Strong Nut”. Instead of Bruce Willis – Duane Johnson. For some reason one-legged. Apparently to prove that he is steeper than Chuck Norris and the rest of the world with even one foot.

Unbelievable, but the action of the Skyscraper takes place … in a skyscraper! High-tech “hmarachos” captured by armed bandits, the fire is about to destroy the family of the protagonist – an agent of the FBI retired. We’ll have to remember youth to save the family, destroy the building and find out what the villains needed.

We do not doubt that everything will be very dull. But if it’s still spectacular, then why not. Perhaps in some places it will be a bit ridiculous, because Rawson Marshall Thurber, the author of comedies like “We are Millers” and “One and a half spies”, shot the film.

“Spy Game” (since July 19)

Director: Ben Luin.

Cast: Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti, Connie Nielsen.

Actor Paul Rudd is becoming more and more popular. In our July collection, just two paintings, where he has the main roles – the second part of “Man-ant” and “Spy Game”. And the latter looks a little more serious and more mature. At least because it is based on real history.

Morris Berg was a famous baseball player. But not because he could boast of some special sporting achievements. He was just a mediocre player. But very clever. Berg knew nine foreign languages, read a dozen newspapers daily, constantly successfully participated in popular then radio quiz. And Morris recruited US intelligence and instructed him to sniff out all that is possible about the Nazi nuclear program.

It is rumored that in addition to general canvas, the tape has little to do with the real past. Director Ben Luin is mainly fond of TV shows. And judging by the trailer, it is unlikely that we will be shown a great movie. But if you want to feel not the most dull spy, then one can play their games.

“Club of billionaires” (since July 19)

Director: James Cox.

Cast: Theron Edgerton, Kevin Spacey, Emma Roberts, Ansel Elgort.

Oh my God, Kevin Spacey came out of the dusk! It seems, even the scenes with his participation did not cut! Glory to the movie gods that the actor did not go into the shadows after the scandal and did not go to sleep somewhere under the fence of Woody Allen’s dacha. By the way, here Spacey plays again with Ensell Elgort – relatively recently their duet could be watched in “The Kid on the Drive”. And yes, in fact, the appearance of the actor in the frame is explained by the fact that the picture was shot before the sexual scandal.

Photo: Full Cinema

The film is a remake of the 1987 tape, which in turn is based on real history. The story will be about a couple of young guys who organized a classic financial pyramid. First, as usual, life began to play with new colors. But then it’s time to pay for the deception. And there already and before the murder near.

For obvious reasons, the “Club of Billionaires” is very poorly advertised. It is not excluded that the date of its release will be postponed at the last moment. And maybe they will not even show the cinema in theaters. Oh, Kevin! Do you see what you did with your love for the boys?

“Mission Impossible: Implications” (since July 26)

Director: Christopher McQuarrie.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin.

Frankly, after the “Human-Ant” this is the second and last film, which should be noted in July. The rest are either very weak, or too “for their viewers.” Here, at least we know what to expect – chases, fights, gunfights, a pinch of humor and irreplaceable Tom Cruise.

We must pay tribute to the already middle-aged actor – he tries to play most of the tricks himself. They say that for this reason, Tom Cruise has been training hard for a year and even injured his leg. 55-year-old Hollywood handsome man even managed to manage a helicopter, only to do without doubles, stunt men and other frontmen. In general, well done!

The plot of the next “Mission” has nothing to say. Once agent Ethan, instead of preventing a dangerous operation, saves a member of his team. Now he needs to make efforts to correct the error. To do this, we’ll have to shoot, and on supercars to drive, and to pick up the heavenly expanses on the turntable. Trailers promise that it will be colorful, drayvovo and old-school.

“Sanctuary of the Devil” (since July 26)

Directed by: Guillermo Amoydo.

Cast: Maria Evoli, Vanessa Restrepo, Carla Adell .

Concludes this is not the richest for a worthy premiere of the movie-box Mexican horror. Unfortunately, here, too, does not smell of originality: an ominous girl, exorcism, several heroes for murder, “a terrible secret” and other attributes of conveyor horrors here like here.

At night in the senator’s house robbers are taken. There are no guards and servants, and the owners of the estate are connected. A noise comes from the cellar. It turns out that there is a bound and tormented girl who asks her to be released. Well, it’s a sin not to obey. Then it turns out that the baby is still a devil and without a exorcist priest, now, well, nothing can not do.

By the way, in July there will be another horror film – the Russian film “The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead. ” Judging by the trailers and the plot, the essence of which is clear from the title, the level is about the same as that of the “Devil’s Vault”. That is, the picture is calculated strictly for amateurs who know what they want.

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