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Section on Reddit, dedicated to the rightness of Thanos, will ban half of subscribers – about 150 thousand people

To achieve balance in the universe, it was necessary to enlist the support of the administrators of the “home page of the Internet.”

Shot from the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”

May 3 in Russia came out the picture “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”, in which a team of superheroes confronted the titan Tanos. In the film, the villain has a specific goal: he wants to collect all the stones of infinity and with their help to destroy half of the inhabitants of the universe. According to Thanos, he will save the other half from hunger and overpopulation.

The idea of ​​the titan was actively discussed after the release of the new “Avengers”: in the media and social networks, opinions were expressed that such a plan was justified and logical. Thanos supporters of Reddit teamed up in the r / ThanosDidNothingWrong section (“Thanos did nothing wrong”), where at first they just talked about the movie, sent memes to each other and expressed opinions about the theory of supporting the balance of the universe.

But at the beginning of July, the idea of Sabrdit’s subscribers came up with a plan to implement Thanos’ plan and ban half of the participants. At that time r / ThanosDidNothingWrong had about 80 thousand subscribers.

Users have noticed that such an act can lead to the most massive ban in the history of Reddit, and they will later have problems with the management of the “home page of the Internet.” Therefore, the moderators of the section began negotiations with the administrators of Reddit, and the number of subscribers of the section increased sharply and reached 285 thousand.

A few days later r / ThanosDidNothingWrong announced that the “Thanos plan” will be implemented on July 9: Reddit will provide moderators with a special script that will simplify the ban process. Half of the community members (as of July 4 – 142 thousand people) will randomly receive a lock before the release of the fourth “Avengers” in 2019.

For banned users, two special sections will be available – r / SoulWorld and r / InTheSoulStone . According to the fanatical theories, in the finale of “War of Infinity”, the characters, wiped from the face of the Universe, fell into the Stone of the soul or the world of souls.


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