Russia and China want to build a joint station in orbit

China does not participate in the International Space Station project. However, it does not abandon attempts to create its own orbital station, as evidenced by the active development of TianGong spacecraft. Nevertheless, China is looking for partners who will help in the creation of a long-term manned station. And for this purpose a delegation from China arrives in Moscow.

According to RIA Novosti , China plans to begin construction of a multi-module space station in the next few years. And they need Russian experience in long space flights and construction of large space objects. Russia, with the end of the operation of the ISS in the 1920s, risks remaining without the stable workload of its Soyuz. So bringing the new orbital station into orbit is interesting for both sides. It is planned that the station will start construction in 2020.

China became the third country after the USSR and the USA, which put into orbit its own inhabited station. “Tiangun-1” was put into operation in 2011, it worked out docking with space vehicles, tested life support systems. Five years later, communication with the station was lost, and this year it collapsed into the Pacific Ocean.

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