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PR-director of “Leroy Merlin” announced the resignation after a scandal because of the post on Facebook

She also asked to stop the harassment and noted that she was sending all threats to the law enforcement agencies.

Galina Panina. Photos from a personal Facebook page

PR-director of “Leroy Merlin” Galina Panina announced her resignation because of the scandal surrounding her publication about the fans.

In connection with the current situation, I think it is right to leave the position of director of PR in the company “Leroy Merlin”.

Business is only engaged in business and should never be involved in politics. So if the shadow of my actions falls on the reputation of the company – I must leave the company.

From now on, I ask not one of my posts or comments to be former or future to link with the company “Leroy Merlin”.

Galina Panina
PR-director of “Leroy Merlin”

Panina also asked to stop harassment in social networks. She noted that she keeps on the screenshots all the threats and calls for reprisals, and sends them to the law enforcement agencies.

The scandal around Panina and “Leroy Merlin” began after the publication of the PR-director about the burning of the girl allegedly during the celebration of the victory of Russia in the match with Spain. She called all dissenters “vatka” and deleted their comments. After that, social networks called for a boycott of Leroy Merlin. At first, the company supported Panina, but a few hours later announced her temporary dismissal from office.

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