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Opera goes to the stock exchange. How much and on what does the browser earn?

Norwegian company Opera Ltd. (owned by Chinese investors) applied for an initial public offering on NASDAQ under the ticker OPRA. During this event, developers plan to raise $ 115 million. According to the financial statements attached to the application, the company last year worked in plus – the net profit was $ 6.1 million.

In total for 2017, Opera received revenue of $ 128.9 million. The company earns revenue from several sources. Firstly, two search engines pay Opera for what are in the program by search engines by default: “Yandex” in Russia and Google in the rest of the world. The user base is growing – deductions from search engines are growing. The share of income from them is 56.1%. At the same time, Google accounts for 43.2% of revenue, and for “Yandex” – 12.9%.

Other sources are advertising and licensing. In the express browser panel, for example, links to various sites periodically appear.

In total, Opera products on mobile devices are used by 182 million people a month, desktop browser – 57.4 million.

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