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“Natalie Tours” annuls all purchased tours because of debts

As one of the oldest tour operators will return money to customers, it is not yet clear.

Photo by Oleg Kharseyev, Kommersant

The head of one of the oldest Russian tourist operators “Natalie Tours” Vladimir Vorobyov on the air of the radio station “Ekho Moskvy” announced the cancellation of all confirmed rounds of his clients. The general director explained that he can not fulfill his financial obligations to partners.

According to Vorobyov, the counterparts began to “turn off” the “Natalie Tours” from service because of the debts of the tour operator. The general director of the company noted that the cancellation of the tours was the only possible “development of events”.

We can not send tourists in the near future, as we do not control the situation with our partners, therefore we are forced to cancel tourist trips. During the day we will decide what actions we will take next.

Vladimir Vorobiev
head of “Natalie Tours”

“Natalie Tours” has not yet publicly announced how it will return customers their money spent. Representatives of the company promised to tell in detail about this at a press conference after 15:00 Moscow time.

According to Kommersant, the management of Natalie Tours owes about $ 1 million to counterparties. TASS summed up “tens” of millions of dollars.

On the problems of “Natalie Tours” became known on June 29, when the company sent a letter to the travel agencies on the abolition of charter flights from June 30. The tour operator explained his decision by low demand for flights to Antalya, Barcelona, ​​Catania, Naples, Heraklion and Rimini, suggesting to return tourists money.

According to industry estimates, “Natalie Tours” tours with charters can not be used by up to 1,500 people. Clients of the company reported problems when settling in China, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Cuba.

“Natalie Tours” started working in 1992. Earlier, the company was considered a major tour operator: in 2013 it sent abroad 950 thousand customers. However, in 2017, its services were used by no more than 22.6 thousand people, follows from the register of Rosturizm.

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