Koreans made a fingerprint scanner with a body temperature sensor

Specialists of the National Institute of Science and Technology Ulsana (South Korea) have developed a technology that checks the body temperature through a fingerprint scanner in a smartphone.

The system will determine the temperature within 30-45 degrees Celsius. The technology measures the microscopic impulses that come from the fingers. It is necessary for additional protection of the device: even having obtained your fingerprint, it will be even more difficult for third parties to deceive the fingerprint sensor. It is also said that the technology is not designed to determine the body temperature of the user, therefore, it will not be implemented in the HLS-applications.

An important development bonus – it can be integrated into a built-in scanner, as in the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition and a number of Vivo smartphones. When and in what smartphone the new technology debuts, it is not known.

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