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Floods flooded the miner farms in China. Will the demand for video cards grow again?

There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. Or else NVIDIA will help to sell the stock of video cards of the current generation. In China, last week there was a flood, which damaged the  miners’ farms. Photo of the destruction published in his Twitter Eric Meltzer, one of the partners of a major Asian blocking fund.

In the photo you can see both ASIC-miners and video cards affected by the flood in Sichuan. On the day of the flood, according to the profile resources, the bitcoine hashit (the power of all miner equipment) fell from 43 million TH / s to 30 million TH / s – more than 30%. True, he then returned to 40 million TH / s, but experts attribute the fall to flooding in the region.

It is assumed that flooding can provoke a short-term growth in demand for video cards. Perhaps this will help NVIDIA sell off the surplus of old graphics processors.

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