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Beer is equated to strong alcohol

The RF Ministry of Finance prepared amendments to the legislation on state regulation of alcohol products. Producers of beer, cider, poare and mead, will be required to label these types of beverages.

Drink of the gods.

In the absence of proper labeling, the products will be considered illegal and completely removed from the manufacturer, as well as from the sale.

At the moment, only spirits are labeled in Russia, but after numerous violations revealed by Rosalkogolregulirovanie, it was decided to consider the option of labeling and alcohol.

In 2017, 1033 samples of beer products were tested by the RAR laboratories. According to the results of the examinations, the non-compliance with the requirements of state standards of 997 samples

RF Ministry of Finance

The precise date for entry into force of amendments is not known, since the issue of how these beverages will be labeled has not yet been resolved. Brewers and industry experts claim that it is simply impossible to label beer on the principle of strong alcohol.

Large brewers, for example, say that they will have to reduce the speed of their lines three times, some of which can produce 50 bottles per second. Another complication is that there are wet bottles in our industry, which makes the process of applying the mark difficult.

Igor Khavsky
Member of the Association of participants of the beer and non-alcoholic market

According to Igor Khavsky, market participants are ready to offer other ways of marking, with the help of which it is possible to trace the movement of each bottle: one of these methods can be the application of QR codes.

The Ministry of Finance also proposed a second option, issuance of special licenses, or the inclusion of enterprises in the register of producers. Otherwise, they will not be given marks. However, the requirements for inclusion in the register are identical to those currently in force for obtaining licenses for the production of strong alcohol, said Alexei Kedrin, vice president for corporate relations at Baltika.

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