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Astrologers announced a week of layoffs PR

When there is an information guide, then we will write the news. To represent this note is enough.

Elena Strannikova. Photos from a personal Facebook page

SMF-manager GrowFood Semyon Efimov has published correspondence with the PR-manager of the company “Telfin” Elena Strannikova, who tried to buy advertising in his Telegram channel “Russian Marketing”

Strannikova wanted to advertise in his channel, but provided an incorrect link. She responded to the request for another link in a rude form.

According to the telegram channel “Merciless PR”, later Strannikova asked Efimov to remove the publication, but she still has it on the page.

Approximately one hour after the publication of the Efimov record, she was commented on by the general director of Telphina, Maria Tyurina. However, it is not clear from her comment whether Ms. Strannikova was fired or not.  turned to her for clarifications, but did not receive an answer.

Semyon Efimov (Semyon Efimov), on my own behalf and on behalf of the company, I apologize for the unacceptable style of communication of the employee of our company. Since this correspondence shocked me, I do not even know what to write yet, except that such behavior is contrary to all the principles and culture of our company. And if their employee, as it turns out, does not share, then most likely we do not follow the path. Once again, sorry.

Maria Tyurina
general director of Telfina

July 4 on the dismissal announced PR-director of “Leroy Merlin” Anastasia Panina. After the publication of the burned girl in Facebook and the use of the word “cotton wool”, the media and users of social networks accused Panina of spreading a fake and demanded a boycott of “Leroy Merlin”.

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