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12 TV series and one TV movie of June

Cumberbatch-alcoholic in “Patrick Melrose”, Gary Oldman in the role of artificial intelligence, as well as the continuation of “Glitter” and “Luke Cage.”

Shot from the second season of the series “Shine”

traditionally talks about new shows, which the editorial board looked over the last month. We do not pretend to the most objective review, and share our impressions.



Tau, TV movie

Where to look legally in : Netflix

Starring: Gary Oldman, Mike Monroe, Ed Skrein

Author: Roman Persianinov

“Tau” – this is almost Disney’s cyberpunk movie about an intelligent girl of easy virtue who tries to escape from the house of an evil genius. About his rapid progress in the field of AI write Forbes and Wired, and in the meantime in his house is a hostage. In an attempt to escape, she tries to establish contact with the “Tau” – the artificial intelligence of a house that knows nothing about the outside world.

Gary Oldman quite approached the role of scoring “Tau”, as well as Mike Monroe for the role of hostage. The only problem is that she is the third film in a row (“It” and “Guest”) playing the role of a languid blonde with tear-stained eyes and good willpower. And since “Tau” is completely focused on the relationship between the heroine and AI, at times the worn-out image of Monroe tires.

Surprisingly, if five years ago this story could easily be called a vivid invention, then in 2018 it seems rather a brief glance into the future. Perhaps it will not be with the shade of the thriller that the authors put into the film, but exactly with the same idea in the air – robots are able to form a personality. Not that this idea is somehow freshly submitted to the “Tau”, but the desire of even indie writers to work on this ground can not but rejoice.

“Patrick Melrose”

Patrick Melrose, mini-series, first season

Where to look legally in: “Amediathek”

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Maltz

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

Completed in June, the five-part project of the television channel Showtime critics almost unanimously called one of the best works of Cumberbatch. Patrick in his performance may or may not become a cult figure of the level of Sherlock or Hamlet, but definitely remembered by the audience. Melrose appears before us is almost completely decayed personality – drug addict, alcoholic, gouge, which then slowly, painfully and dramatically rising from the ashes.

For the sake of justice, it must be said that Patrick in the series are played by two actors: Sebastian Maltz played the role of young Melrose, taking scenes of memories for almost the entire second series. It is this past life as a weight that pulls the main character to the bottom, breaks down and, it would seem, almost destroys it. When the tape ends, you realize how heavy it is, how gloomy and depressing it is, and how incredible it is for the spirit to have Patrick to survive everything he’s got.

“Strange Angel”

Strange Angel, the first season

Where to look legally in : we do not know

Starring: Peter Mack Kendall, Jack Raynor, Dan Donohue

Author: Maya Gavasheli

I watched two episodes of The Strange Angel, based on the story of a real scholar and occultist, John Parsons . Parsons and his friend Richard are trying to create a rocket that will bring people into space, but this is the 1930s, and everyone (even sometimes Richard) perceives Parsons’ impulses as a raving madman.

We can say that the first two series only casually acquaint the viewer with the occult, and Parsons does not participate in it yet. The first two episodes are more devoted to Parsons’s non-recognition as a genius of rocket science. This captures: it seems to me that the interested spectator will want to see other series to understand how the scientist came to the occult and whether his strange neighbor will play in this role.


Dietland, the first season

Where to look legally in : we do not know

Starring: Joey Nash, Julianne Margulis, Adam Rothenberg

Author: Olga Zhigulina

The main heroine of the series, based on the book bestseller Sarai Walkers, who has not yet reached Russian stores, is a young woman nicknamed Pyshka. She works in a fashion magazine with the “voice” of the editor-in-chief, and her main dream is to save enough money for liposuction. She is not stupid, charming and trusting, she quickly begins to sympathize with even the most stupid of her actions and misses. However, what starts as “Sex and the City” plus-sit, quickly turns into a rather grim story about revenge, violence and murder.

The season barely made it to the middle, and it’s difficult to predict what role Pyshka will play in this (there is, of course, the option to read the book). However, judging by the finale of the fifth episode, her world is rapidly becoming black, everyone is lying, and the universe is still cruel to people of unusual size. “Диетлэнд” compare with “the Devil carries Prada”, but actually between them there is not so much in common – unless both that, and another is devoted to an oportunity of beauty industry.

Much more in common with the show with Hollywood-shaken scandals around Harvey Weinstein and other celebrities accused of harassment and violence. True, unlike the Dietland, they were at least alive.


Succession, the first season

Where to look legally in : “Amediathek”

Starring: Nicholas Brown, Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

“Heirs” for HBO – is its own version of “Billion”: here, too, the story revolves around money and a rich life, inaccessible to most. But in the series there is a deeper theme, to some extent familiar to everyone – the family. According to the story, the elderly billionaire media tycoon Logan Roy (Brian Cox) gets a brain hemorrhage and finds himself in the hospital unconscious for a while. Four of his adult children should now self-organize, take responsibility and not lose family business. The problem is that the father did not allow them to do business.

Heroes from the outset are in a desperate and unfamiliar position for themselves: on the one hand, they always wanted to get rid of the tyrannical father, and on the other – do not know what to do without it. Ironically, the main problem for the heirs is precisely their origin: they grew up in nothing and did not face any difficulties, so they can not adequately assess the risks. In addition to the cast of actors from not very well-known, but interesting actors, the series can please expensive entourage, a good study of characters and a folding story.

“The former”

First season

Where to look legally in : the service “Kino1TV”

Starring: Lyubov Aksenova, Denis Shvedov, Vitaliy Khayev, Grigory Chaban

Author: Grigory Volgin

Perhaps the first TV series in , the main theme of which is a hard struggle with drug addiction. The main thing that turned out really well: before us is the story of Yana’s “rebellious majeure” (Lyubov Aksenova), who is forcibly put on rehabilitation in one of the private clinics. There she meets a doctor Ilya (Denis Shvetsov), who becomes for her both the devil and the god – as a psychologist he tries to wean her from the addiction, but as a man begins to feel for her sympathy.

It’s amazing that there are a lot of negative heroes in the series, but they do not feel disgust at all – in the end they do noble deeds that make them look at them with different eyes. Of course, the picture has no message to wean the viewer from bad habits. It shows real life, such as it is: with the death of close friends, with scandals between relatives and even with corruption schemes. And this vicious circle can not be remedied – it remains only to wait for the denouement and empathize with each hero.


Reverie, the first season

Where to look legally in : Viasat Play

Starring: Sarah Shahi, Dennis Hayesburt, Sendhil Ramamurti

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

“Dreams” promoted as a serious science fiction, but in fact it is a usual soap opera. Already to the second series it becomes clear that the series has several serious problems: after a handsome and expensive pilot, shot by the director of JAMA Collet-Serroi, the picture quality drops sharply, and the direction leaves much to be desired. But it would not hurt if the plot of the series was not secondary.

The plot of “Dream” in many ways is similar to one of the series of “Black Mirror”, if you remove the author’s position on the impact of technology on society and all serious topics. Due to the fact that the series exploits cheap dramatic techniques, and the characters do not develop, it wants to be abandoned as soon as possible, although it might be better not to even begin.


Impulse, the first season

Where to look legally in : YouTube Red

Starring: Maddy Hasson, Sarah Deszhardin, Enuk Okuma, Craig Arnold, Tanner Stein

Author: Anatoly Chikvin

A series on the universe of the movie “Teleport” in 2008, in which, however, there is not a hint of a previous story. The series, which is fantastic enough to be called arbitrarily, since all the adventures associated with the superpower of instant teleportation serve only as a background for the main story. At the forefront are the social problems of the characters. The main heroine is a girl who survived an attempted rape, a young girl who has failed to become a disabled person, a heroine’s friend is an autist. Each of them at some point decides that life is over, and then gets a new impulse to its continuation.

About the abilities the girl still only guesses and tries to understand, what to her with them to do. In parallel, these events show us not connected with the main storyline about the already experienced man-teleport and the criminal group hunting for him. Who are all these people, how will they affect the main characters and will the main heroine learn how to teleport independently – according to the creators of the series we have to learn only in the second season.

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak And Dagger, the first season

Where to look legally in : “Amediathek” (but you will need an additional subscription to ABC in addition to the main package)

Starring: Olivia Holt, Aubrey Joseph, Gloria Ruben, Noel Reni Bercy

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

Recently, Marvel is not always successful, but more and more often experiments in the format of serials: first there were “Uncle”, followed by “Fugitives” and “Cloak and Dagger” was no exception to this trend. While this is the most teenage and, perhaps, the most beautiful series from the entire line. He is not affiliated with the Marvel Cinema, nor with the “Defenders” universe, at least for now.

“Cloak and dagger” in the mood is very similar to “Runaways”, but the story is even more local: in the center of the plot are only two problem teenagers who lost loved ones in early childhood, but survived it in different ways. The authors decided not to be sprayed into conducting a lot of parallel stories at once, focusing on the history of the two heroes, and it only benefited the show.

Superheroic component is also put on the shelf: the super-powers are used from time to time and have little effect on the plot. As a result, a very personal and emotional teenage story with a cinematic performance turned out: each episode is shot as a small film, and the camera work is at an unusually high level for the Marvel series.


“Luke Cage”

Luke Cage, second season

Where to look legally in : Netflix

Starring: Michael Colter, Mahershala Ali, Theo Rossi

Author: Evgeny Kuzmin

The second season of “Luke Cage” very well shows how real superheroes lived during the era of social networks: Luke does not hide, so anyone can track him on the application “Hero of Harlem”, and sports brands offer to advertise their products. At some point, the strong man has to prove to people that he has beaten the villain, but he does not believe – it was not on YouTube.

In general, the season came out quite good: the hero gets involved in the dismantling of two villains, and in such a situation, still try to figure out who is worse. However, up to these moments it is necessary still to break through a bunch of characters, dialogues and drawn-out storylines. Another interesting point: the cameo of the Iron Fist. Yes, he still calls himself “Immortal Weapon”, but now at least with irony. And the ninja showdown is not here – if you follow the serials from Marvel and Netflix, then you will understand my joy.


GLOW, the second season

Where to look legally in : Netflix

Starring: Alison Bree, Betty Gilpin, Mark Maron, Britney Young

Author: Sergey Star

By the beginning of the second season, the team of losers made a thrash show about female wrestling and starts off with him on TV. The main stars (Bree and Gilpin) appear in the ring after one has caused the divorce of another – and the spectators are waiting for the climax of the dispute. The team also gets a new girl, and no one is happy about it. This is led by a hating all living director (Maron), who eventually digs out the rudiments of caring about others.

“Glitter” did not slip down to moralizing or overly cautious continuations like “Very strange cases” or “13 reasons why”, but, on the contrary, found himself. Now this is obviously the most brilliant and successful show Netflix, where under the pink cover and lacquered beginnings – a fresh look at the problems of women, inequality and creative personalities. Without actual references, there is nowhere: one of the most powerful scenes is an awkward meeting between the girl and the producer at the hotel. All this is also easy to watch, because the second season of the ten series of 30 minutes can be eaten for the evening.


Strike, the third season (in 2017 it was shown in Britain, and only in June 2018 it appeared in other countries)

Where to look legally in : “Amediathek”

Starring: Tom Burke, Holliday Granger, Kerr Logan

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

Strike is an adult version of “Sherlock” in purely British aesthetics and without teenage techniques. The plot is based on the novels of Joanne Rowling (she wrote them under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith) about the detective Cormoran Stryke, who does not have some incredible analytical skills and just does a good job. I watched the show without knowing the original source, but the measured narrative, elaborate details and the atmosphere of the series leave an impression of the book you read.

Since the other British series – “Luther” – took a long pause, I did not have enough detective stories of TV format. “Strike” completely quenched this thirst: I just wanted such a slow series with an unusual cast of actors and sharpened direction. It was pleasantly surprised that in “Strike” one investigation does not stretch for the whole season, as it often happens in other serials. While it is not known how many authors will be able to keep the bar of quality, but the seven episodes that have come out turned out to be worthy.

The finale of the World of the Wild West

Westworld, second season

Where to look legally in : Amediateka

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Tandy Newton, Jeffrey Wright

Author: Damir Kamaletdinov

To the last episode of the second season “World of the Wild West”, finally, it was dispersed. Like last time, the series is a mini-film and lasts an hour and a half. She sums up several story arches and reveals some characters from an unexpected side.

The second season turned out to be very confusing on the one hand, as well as the memories of his central character Bernard, and on the other – this time many things the authors deliver a direct text: the magic of the mystery of the first season almost disappeared. The third season of the show promises to be grandiose, but not the fact that by this time the series will not lose almost the entire fan base: even the unexpected revelations of the second season did not cause almost no discussions on the net.

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