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Why does a cow have a hole in its side?

We have already studied with you such a process as obtaining GAS from the COW  as fuel for the car. And here’s a hole!

Let’s find out why cows do it at all …

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In Sweden and Holland, scientists have successfully used a very unusual method of researching domestic animals, which, however, it is better not to know the nervous ones.

The fact is that all of us are important milk yields, as well as the amount of meat eaten by calves of grain fattening during this very fattening. It is very beneficial that the cow occupying a place in the stall, bring more milk and meat, while meat and milk should be of the best quality. How can this be achieved? It is clear, it is necessary to somehow vary the feed and feed additives, but how? The cow’s stomach is a whole factory. Who well studied at school, remembers how difficult it is arranged. He is able to process not only grain (this we ourselves know a little), but also straw, silage and other vegetable food. At the same time, one of the products of this processing is remarkable cow’s milk, which is consumed by a large part of mankind, except, perhaps, by the Chinese. And whoever does not drink, he eats cheese or puts sour cream in dumplings, for example. Or corrects health kefir.

In general, to get the most out of the cow, it must be properly fed. The most correct. And just for this purpose, a plastic port with a diameter of the adult’s arm thickness-fistula, or cannula-is introduced into the first department of the multi-chambered cow stomach.


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Through this hole in the side, zoologists, livestock experts, veterinarians and animal nutrition experts watch the digestion of the cow, take semi-digested feeds, add various enzymes and vitamins, and so on. If the cow ate something wrong, through the same hole, the unhealthy eaten can be removed. The cow lives without a hole in its side with its cork in its crocheted life, but it must be admitted that this looks awful.


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Such fistulas in the stomach are widely used in studies of digestion of cattle, starting with the testing of new food additives, ending with the definition of the role played by various enzymes in digestion. “On the left side of the cow there is a fuse of centimeters fifteen in a circle,” explains Dan Senert, head of the livestock farm at the University of California at Davis. – It is not difficult. You just take out the cork and put your hand inside. ”


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If necessary, the porthole “gets annoyed”, the “good hand of the master” is pushed inside and pulls everything out of the stomach into the light of God that the cattle managed to swallow. Having a good look at the mass extracted from the depths of thinness, having checked it for acidity and making other measurements, zoologists return to the cow all the “expropriated”, shoving “kashka” back into the “plate”.


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The learned men assure that the ruminants do not give a damn about these manipulations, that their behavior does not change at all, they just as well break their fodder and milk it. Experts believe that to get the best milk in the world, the “producer” needs to be monitored even from the inside.


Children are given excursions inside a live cow:


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Animalists from Uppsala tried to protest and were asked to at least try to use “more modern methods that do not cause such suffering, because the hole is huge”, but they got a solid “no” and assured that the burenki feel fine.


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“If you did not know that a cow has a hole in its side, you would never have guessed it in life, even observing it in the most intimate way: it functions like a normal cow!” Says Jon Brautigam, chief of the branch of experiments on animals of the Swedish agricultural department . However, the pictures taken by the reporter of the Swedish radio have terrified not only those who, on duty, are obliged to observe the rights of our smaller brothers.


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Here’s how the animal defenders react:

People want a beef steak … People want cheap milk in packets. Who? Who are these people who run this business? Who are all these people who implant a live cow in a plastic tube body? Who are those who climb there with their own hands to check how the milk ripens in the cow?

How can you even put a piece of beef in your mouth after all? The only reason is that people see the true price of steak, packaged milk, yogurts, and other dairy products produced by large corporations. As long as we support their business with their money, they will optimize it, reduce costs, increase profitability. By any means. Even the most fanatical.

On, which is designed to collect signatures under any petitions, food rights advocates  collect the signatures  under the petition immediately to stop, so to speak, that’s it.


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